Do You Have a Question?

You may not be ready to pick up the phone and talk to an agent just yet, but would like to know a little bit more about buying or selling. We have put together a few frequently asked questions that we receive from new home-owners, first time investors and those considering buying or selling in this fast paced market.


Do I need to be pre-qualified? What does that mean?

Yes! This is an important step, but if you don't know where to start, our agents will gladly help you get the ball rolling. We can suggest a great lender in our area or a bank that is easy to work alongside with the purchase of your home. Of course, you are welcome to use your own bank or do your own homework on finding a lender too.

Talking with a bank or a mortgage lender before looking at homes can help you understand exactly how much you can afford.  You don't want to dream about a $300,000 home if you're budget will only allow you to purchase at $200,000 home. Mortgage lenders can also fill you in on the other costs involved in purchasing such as escrows, down payments, pre-paids, closing costs and the possible loan options that you may have available as a new home buyer, veteran or seasoned buyer.

I've found the perfect house, what happens next?

When you find the perfect home your Choice Realty agent will help you make the next move, write up an acceptable offer, work alongside your mortgage lender, guide you through any necessary inspections, and follow up to make sure each step is being taken by the parties involved to bring it to a successful closing.

Do I really need a realtor to purchase a home?

There are several reasons why you should hire a realtor when purchasing a home. Your agent is there to look out for your best interest in the deal! (Keep in mind, the agent listed on the sign in the yard is representing the seller and their best interests). Select an agent that you feel comfortable with and that can answer your questions. They will be your voice throughout the entire transaction and have been trained to negotiate on your behalf.

How much does a buyer's agent cost?

In the majority of situations, $0. The commission is typically settled between the seller and the seller's agent. That commission is then divided between the two agents involved in the transaction. Another great reason to hire someone to help with your new home search and purchase!

How long does the process take? When should I start looking?

Finding the perfect home takes time, it's different for everyone and what is available on the market when you begin your search. You may have an up and coming job transfer or a baby on the way, that may take priority on a making a decision sooner rather than later. Once you've found the home and we have an accepted offer from both parties, the process usually takes 30-75 days to finalize inspections, financial loan requirements, title and closing documents.


How is the market right now?

There are market indicators that your Choice Realty agent can share with you, such as the average days on the market for homes in your area. With interest rates so low and the demand for homes so high, we are seeing high profits, multiple offers and quick turn around times. Your agent knows the local market and will be able to give you a good idea of what to expect when you list your home.

How much is my home worth?

Another great question! Our agents are trained to watch the market and can share with you comparable homes that have been listed and sold in your area. Comparing square footage, #of bedrooms, baths, garages...finishes (as well as many other things) will give us an idea of what to price your home at to bring you the highest dollar, and sell it quickly with less stress. Zillow and Trulia are third parties real estate websites and are not local in each real estate market. The values they provide are computer generated and not always accurate to what's happening in our local area.

What do I need to do to prepare to sell my home?

You want your home to give buyers a great first impression! Looks and cleanliness will sell a home, along with amazing kitchens and bathrooms :) Make sure clutter is at a minimum, add a fresh coat of paint, install new carpeting if needed, and ensure odors are non-existent are just a handful of things that should be done before listing your home for sale.

If you don't have the time or money to "clean it up" to sell, that is ok too! All houses will sell if priced correctly! There are many buyers out there willing to put the time and effort into making a home their own. Investors are always on the look-out for fixer uppers.

Your Choice Realty agent will ask to walk through your home with you, listen and offer suggestions to make your home marketable and ready to list!

Why do I need a realtor if houses are selling so quickly?

A Choice Realty agent can minimize the stress involved in selling your home, plain and simple. We offer our experience, education, skills and knowledge during the entire real estate process to work for you and your best interest! From pricing your home correctly, staging, internet marketing to reach thousands of buyers, open houses, agent to agent communication, overseeing the inspections and appraisal, managing the transaction and all the parties involved to getting your home closed that final day...we are here to assist and guide you every step of the way!

How much do your services cost?

Picking up the phone doesn't cost you a thing! Or, send us a text message, that's free too :) We would love to grab a cup of coffee with you, get to know you and your situation and see how we can assist you in selling your home. We will gladly discuss commission rate, contract lengths, services provided and do our best to answer all of your questions. It's your time to interview us and see if we are a good fit to help you sell your home!

Remember, there are no foolish questions except the ones you don't ask. Please ask any questions you have about properties or the process to bring a successful closing. If your Choice Realty agent doesn't know the answer, they will tell you and they will investigate with our many partners in the professional world, to get you an education answer!

It's not what we do once in awhile that shapes success, it is what we do consistently. When you choose Choice Realty, your are choosing consistency and reliability. We are consistent with our values, determination and passion. Consistent in our success for you. When our sign is in your lawn, you know you are working with the best local realtors who have a proven history of consistent success!